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Ohio Valley Metal Roofing is equipped with 2 roll formers and the capabilities to cut customers’ metal panels for roofing and siding to exact lengths. In addition to the 19 color choices in stock and several profile options, it’s possible to create the look anyone will want for their home, building, or business.

The steel coils used to produce our quality products are painted in an Ohio Valley coating facility using Valspar’s Weather XL coating. Valspar offers the best paint finish in the industry with their 40 year warranty. The unpainted, bare galvalume steel panel is covered with a 20 year warranty.

Crown-Loc Panel at Ohio Valley Metal Roofing in Bridgeport, Ohio

Crown-Loc Panel

  • 16″ Total coverage, 1″ or 1.5″ rib height
  • 26 & 24 gauge available
  • 12 Available colors in a Valspar Weather XL Coating
  • Available in textured paint
  • Acrylic Galvalume
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Optional nail strip or clip system
  • Residential & commercial use
  • Applied over solid substrate with vapor barrier
  • Suggested minimum roof slope of 2:12
Ohio Valley Panel at Ohio Valley Metal Roofing in Bridgeport, Ohio

Ohio Valley Panel

  • 36″ Total coverage, 3/4″ rib height
  • 29 & 26 gauge available
  • 18 available colors in a 40 year paint warranty system (Valspar Weather XL)
  • Acrylic Galvalume
  • Exposed fasteners
  • Agricultural, commercial & residential use
  • Anti-siphon sidelap design for weathertightness
  • Applies over Open Framing or Solid Substrates
  • Suggested Minimum Roof Slope 2:12
  • (Butyl Tape available for lesser slopes)

19 Colors Available:

Metal Roof Colors at Ohio Valley Metal Roofing in Bridgeport, Ohio


At OVMR, our goal is to give our customers a complete and accessible product line. Not only can we manufacture standard and customizable metal trim accessories, but we carry a full line of non-metal accessories and products.

• Metal roofing approved high heat synthetic Underlayment
• Metal roofing approved high heat ice & water barrier
• Inside and outside closures
• Synthetic Lath (in place of wood furring strips)
• Butyl tape
• Roof boots (vents, electrical, chimneys)
• Snow guards (brand name) and snow bar manufactured at OVMR
• Color matched metal to wood and metal to metal self-sealing screws
• Color matched sealant

Accessories and Trims at Ohio Valley Metal Roofing in Bridgeport, Ohio